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About Us


CINEMA TECHNOLOGY magazine began as a modest supplement to the BKSTS Journal and has since grown and developed to become the leading specialist publication for cinema industry professionals.


CT provides essential reading for all those professionally involved with the exhibition side of the cinema industry.


It is unashamedly a TECHNICAL journal, but the technology is always leavened by a fascinating mix of articles about everything that is happening in the industry, and historical pieces about the technologies of yesteryear.


A major strength is that it is supported by the members of the BKSTS Cinema Technology Committee who work in the industry and are able provide information and contacts to ensure that the technical coverage is accurate and up to date.


We boast that CT gets to every projection box and to every cinema manager in the country, and we really try to achieve this, as well as to selected cinemas and influential industry figures in Europe, and around the world,  as well as to the entire BKSTS/Moving Image Society membership in 55 countries worldwide.

We know that it is read and retained by top management and technicians alike, in multiple and independent cinemas, and this means that it provides the ideal advertising medium for all those seeking to influence this important market.


Published and distributed four times a year by, CT is also distributed at major industry events around the world - including Cine Europe, ShoWest, Cinema India Expo, CineAsia and IBC. Cinema Technology is an International Media Partner for Cine Europe and Cinema India Expo.


Members of the influential International Cinema Technology Association each receive a copy of Cinema Technology - further enhancing the publication?s distribution profile.


The magazine, through the Cinema Technology Committee, awards the annual BKSTS /Cinema Technology sponsored Advancement of Cinema Technology Award.


Cinema Technology uniquely provides a dedicated coverage of technological trends and developments in world and European cinema exhibition... Each issue features:


Coverage of the latest technological developments and trends

Training tips and operational discussion for technicians

equipment performance, assessment and analysis

Interviews with, and opinions from, key industry figures

New openings and behind the scenes reports from the world's leading venues

News from the Cinema Technology Committee

Feedback - readers letters and correspondence
...and much more!


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